Wild Pork Program at apis

Wild hogs, throughout Texas, are destructive and invasive with ever-growing populations. Additionally, the meat of these hogs, obviously unprocessed, healthful, and full of protein and minerals. We have exclusive access to the Hapgood Ranch in Clay County, North Texas.  To maintain the population, the ranch manager there traps pigs per our specifications, which are females, or sows, 1-2 years old, weighing in a range between 80-140 lbs., chosen for the quality of the meat. Their diet is mainly based on oak acorns and pecans, which provide the nice marbling of the meat. These live hogs are then transferred to a USDA inspected butcher in Weatherford, TX, who slaughters the pigs. The Apis team then uses the whole carcass to create our wild pork program, which is influenced by the classic Italian technique and includes Wild Pork Ragu, as well as the Apis Salumis, which includes n’duja, coppa, lonza, cacciatorini, sopprisata. This is an entirely vertically integrated operation in which we have control of the entire process by choose the live hogs, the butcher, and then processing, curing, aging the meat to create an ideal product.