Our local farm and ranch parnterships

2019 Winner with Peaches & Bees

Our Story

Apis Restaurant and Apiary is named for and inspired by the ecologically critical honeybee and its bounty. Sitting on six acres overlooking the Pedernales River, the warm and gracious interior space is designed to evoke imagery of the hive, honeycomb, and honey. Symbolizing the sustainable cycle of the honeybee, our own garden supplies a small amount of the restaurant's produce and helps sustain 20 bee hives, which in turn provide Apis with its own "house honey." Apis' menu features locally-sourced but globally-inspired dishes grounded in classic techniques and featuring ingredients fresh from water, farm and range—complemented by Apis' house honey in subtle touches on select dishes and in several cocktails. Learn more about our Apiary here.

Apis Restaurant and Apiary is the physical manifestation of a lifelong dream for Taylor Hall, and the realization of this dream could not be possible without the Apis Team. From its conception, every detail of the business is a result of the team's passion and love for artfully-prepared food, impeccable service, and a respect for and fascination with honeybees and their positive impact on the environment and our food cycle.

We believe in sourcing locally and creatively pairing the finest quality centerpieces with the freshest seasonal ingredients to create food that is unique yet familiar, exciting but approachable, and as beautiful as it is delicious.